L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"3 Digit Phone Number"

 I got up this morning to no internet and pouring rain…No problem though, I just unplugged this and plugged in that and “walla” it worked. You would think that with all the technology in the “hand held’s” they would come up with something better than unplugging something. What if I didn’t know what to do?

       Comment…....Here in the Northeast United States they are considering a ban on Lobster fishing for the next five years. Its not fishing! It should be Lobster trapping. They bait metal cages and those beautiful creatures “Innocently” go in to eat. Then they can’t get out. It seems that there are no more lobsters. Gee, I wonder why? Do you think there are too many people in the world and that the Greed and Gluttony is out of control? I do!

        So as the world as we know it, slowly dies a slow painful death, I sit back and wonder what’s next? What will really happen next.? When I went to Catholic school I learned that the end of the world was going to be by fire and the oceans would burn. Hey, I could be on to something.

        I was standing in line in my local fast food restaurant the other day waiting for my $2.10 lunch and mentioned to a woman who was standing next to me that I can remember having a 3 digit phone number. She agreed and we talked about the world and the subject turned to the oil leak... Its NOT a spill…it’s a LEAK and they can’t stop it. We talked about the creatures dieing and the over populated cities and towns. The schools closing, sports programs being stopped and teachers being let go. The out of control welfare and food stamps and yet the insane commercials go on and on. We should be fearful, concerned and in mourning with all the death around us. Not seemingly happy. I know its not real happiness, its all fake and a front and the walls are up. Time moves on and the line shorted and in a parting comment said. The world is all wrong. The disasters, weather, population and greed, its all spinning out of control. She looked at me and whispered “Something’s in the wind”. I said your right…Something is going to happen and its not going to be good. She went to retrieve her lunch and on her way back walked past me. I told her it was an absolute pleasure to talk to her….her smile was priceless.

Tags: creatures, fast, fishing, food, leak, lobster trapping, oil, population, schools, walla
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