L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


I didn’t realize I’d need a federal loan to buy 4 tires. Not really but its those unforeseen problems like the one they found while inspecting the front end of the car. I’m not complaining. I knew of the problem but was procrastinating hoping it would fix itself. As we all know that never happens….Later I had to go to a place called the “Arboretum” in New London Connecticut to take a walk, just to calm down. Its beautiful there and it worked. The initial panic disappeared and now its just that fear of having to spend the money to fix it. I’ll go next week. I’ll have to make an appointment the day before so they can get the parts. Just saying that is scary. In the afternoon I went down town and to the beach for a bike ride. Today I’m going up to visit my son and see some friends…Thank God, it won’t be blistering hot and its supposed to rain but I don’t mind.. Driving shouldn’t be a problem “I’ve got 4 new tires”. Take care guys don’t buy anything you don’t need you might need tires and those scary parts someday..

Tags: arboretum, panic, parts, tires
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