L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Didn’t do anything yesterday. Storms were too close. Nothing materialized but I didn’t want to push my luck so I stayed home and watched movies on the internet. I made a nice dinner and did laundry and played with Willie. I did not watch TV. I never turned it on. No news, no commercials, no insanity. New things I heard this morning were that BP is “Capturing oil“, not stopping the oil. The best by far was the reference by someone with purple hair to Sandra Bullock “Strutting her stuff” last night was that she is “Peacocking”, now that all the her troubles are in the past. I love that….. “Peacocking”....I can't wait to use that. I learn something new every day and if that’s it for today I’ll be happy. As far as “Capturing oil goes. The news cycle must be over for the disaster because there is less news about it now. So far, I figure that if they stopped it today and nothing else happens to our environment in the future, this oil leak would have damaged what we have now for a 1000 years. Give or take a few years. What difference does it make. This morning I am going to Clinton to be with friends. I really need to be there... 

Tags: peacocking
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