L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Fast Food is Not a Job"

 We are being bombarded here in Connecticut with thunder storms. I don’t know if I can go today. (Biking at the beach) Its like we are in a war zone. You never know whan the next assault is coming. I might give it a try but at this point I don’t know. The talk in this state and I guess the country is about jobs this morning…When is someone going to say, there are too many people here in the United States for everyone to have a job. All the career type jobs are taken. Working in a fast food place is not a job. It’s a place you go until someone hires you for real work. I dated this girl when I was a kid. (what else is new) I used to tell her she smelled like a French fry when I picked her up. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh any more. (I miss laughing like that.) There are no jobs here so all the illegal people should go home to whatever country you came from and ruin your own economy. Our system cannot continue paying for schools, welfare, unemployment and health care. Things are getting very dark in the world, including the ocean and the weather. The government says things will get better. Well, let me tell you, It can’t! No way! Not the way it is now. Things have to change drastically for it to get better and a lot of people are not going to like what has to happen but it better happen soon, before its to late. Like I say sometimes, try to have a good one guys there may not be too many left to have…
Tags: jobs, thunder storms
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