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"Nothing is Forever"

First thing this morning I will pick up my new book on CD from the library. Not the one I got yesterday but another new one. My friend Judy ( Wow, great phone voice) from the Waterford library (different library) called and told me ”The girl that kicked the hornets nest” is there. This book on CD the third and last in a series by Stieg Larsson. I have been waiting for this one for a while. Sometimes I have nothing to read (listen too) so I go to “Borders” to find out what’s new. Then I go to the library and order two or three, sometimes four different titles. Sometimes they all come in at once. This is one of those times…The rest of the day will be for finding a time between thunder storms to ride my bike. I wonder if all these storms are a result of the way we are destroying our planet. The planet is wearing out like everything else and now its going down hill faster and faster. So when I say, have a good one guys, there are not too many left…That among other things is what I mean..

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