September 22nd, 2020

"Windsor Locks Connecticut"

When I was a kid I lived and was brought up in Windsor Locks Connecticut. These are some of the places I hung around and worked..

The Donut Kettle coffee shop with Vic and John.. 5 cents for a cup of coffee.. I worked for Hoisty Allen delivering the Hartford Times newspaper.. Set Duckpins for Blanch at the Bowling Alley.. Grew up in Tate's apartment building on North Main st. till we moved to S.Center St. I was a little kid about 6 or 7 going to my Grandmothers walking by a old vacant building by the Bowling Alley and decided to snoop around inside and found a dead body. The body was blue.. Told my Mom and Dad and the Cops and Ambulance came and took him away.. I recognize him as Drunk from the Brown Derby sidewalk making comments to people... A few years later my Aunt got me a bicycle and the world got really small.. Became an Alter boy and no the Priests never bothered me.. In fact I had help a few drunken Priests off the Alter at times.. So much to tell so little time.. I had a wonderful upbringing in Windsor Locks and have the most wonderful memories ever. I have moved near the ocean and I'm still here.... I still have those memories of my home town...