September 19th, 2020

"Audio Books"

Note to an Audio book website telling them I use their site for information.. They asked me if I buy audio books from them..

I wasn't going to answer but because I respect and commend the job you do and your very informative E-mails.. Thank you for your daily reports and information.. In my area we have many library's that have Thousands of Audio books for loan. I have been listening to Audio for many, many years. So long that when they first started they were on cassette tape and there were only maybe a dozen or so in the whole Library.. I still have a cassette player from the past to remind me of those wonderful days, but I digress.. Then someone created Overdrive where there are many thousands of audio books and I've been there ever since.. Thank you for asking and will continue to use your wonderful site for the priceless information it sends me.. Thank you so very much..

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