September 16th, 2020

"What Else is New"

Not to long ago at one time I was a little kid.. We all were.. I miss back then.. I was small. Innocent…. Now, years later there is a feeling of loneliness and I miss things.. I miss the old town I lived in, the people, my friends. Lately I have discovered you can visit but you can never go back.. You can go back to the town but everything is changed. The buildings are gone. It seems like things changed over night. It even smells different… I’m at an age now where you start thinking about genes and health.. I’m so blessed when it comes to that.. It seems like yesterday that I was going to the Catholic school in my little town.. I remember that like it was yesterday… We try to hang on to what we can but it still changes. The people we knew, our parents the material things. Everything changes. The older you get the time moves faster and faster. Now it seems you don’t have time to enjoy the moment anymore. You put up imaginary fences and walls to keep out the bad guys and thoughts but some manage to slither through.. These days its hard to tell the difference between the good and the bad. There are a lots of innocents that will never be the same again. I do everything I can to live and let live but I have a compassion for those who I know will never be able to live, what I consider normal life. They will never have what I had and still have… At times I worry but under the surface there is a peace and understanding, a subtle happiness that I have earned through the years.. That I will never lose.. I wait now with a content and a comfortable feeling to be voided out..
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"Stuttering and Afternoon Nap"

I remember stuttering when I was very young. It was in Kindergarten and I think the other kids laughed at me. It was a funny feeling thinking the word but not being able to say it. Dad told me, “to try to slow down talking and to think before I said something”. I remember trying really hard to slow down talking. It took a while but I did and it worked and the stuttering passed. I remember not have to have think about it anymore.
I started taking naps in the afternoon because when I was a little kid I remember reading about the Mexicans taking a Siesta. It was explained to me by my teacher in Geography class that they do this every day and it was a custom and part of their daily life. They even showed a picture of a guy with a big hat called a Sombrero sitting down sleeping. I remember in Kindergarten when the teacher gave us cardboard mats to lay on for an afternoon nap. To this day when given the opportunity I take a nap. I have been doing this every day for years. Its neat to remember the way it was. It was so much better then.