July 11th, 2020

My tweets

  • Fri, 12:25: Oops wrong tree.. This one is for brown squirrels only.. https://t.co/dzRj19z5Po
  • Fri, 12:43: ‘We must form an army of thousands of officials who will check everyone’s contacts.’ANDREW CUOMO ,GOVERNOR OF NEW Y… https://t.co/sZmCir46WR
  • Sat, 09:07: With his sentence commuted is Roger Stone still a convicted felon?
  • Sat, 09:56: He is still a convicted felon and for the rest of his life will be a convicted felon.. Always and forever..
  • Sat, 11:38: James L. Connolly, 63, of St. Petersburg, Florida. fined for illegally killing black bear on Kenai Peninsula - Anch… https://t.co/h601NFnKDF
  • Sat, 11:41: However he is still a convicted felon.. Always and forever..
  • Sat, 11:52: Twitch blocked me from a Amouranth's https://t.co/UMWK8Rvh8s Chat room because I said there were too many advertisements..