April 6th, 2020

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Still here.. In the past week I've had the first cold I've had in a few years..As my Dad used to say, its all cleared up now..Been quoting my Dad a lot lately.. He was quite a guy..We had our bumps and curves but he stuck by my side for years.. This virus is still killing people.. From my point of view its mostly people with bad lifestyles suffering the most.. I'm so blessed to have went in the direction I did...I did all that negative stuff but when I turned 40 I stopped and my life changed. It was like I woke up and became a new person.. There were things I did people didn't like but I moved forward to being a healthy individual. Change took years but I give Cathy credit for putting the Vegetarian icing on the cake.. Its when things like what is happening now I look back and say out loud "Thank you God for giving me the strength to move forward.. Believe me here, if I continued the way I was going I would not be here..
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