April 5th, 2020

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I've got this memory thing going on..Like How far back can I remember? With the help of pictures taken when I was a kid, I call them triggers. I remember things that were very different.. Railroad Steam Engines, when the troops left for War in WWII and when they came home. Flatbed rail road cars carrying Tanks to New York piers for shipment overseas.. The time I took a short cut walking to my Grandmothers and found a dead body and while snooping around in a abandoned building. It was purple and I learned later he drank himself to death.. The freedom train and the building of Bradley International Airport. It was originally built for WWII airplanes..I remember the Fighter planes taking off and landing.. Actually seen one crash..It was a nose dive he couldn't pull out of.. I think they named the airport after him.. Lt. Eugene Bradley.. I worked there, thanks to my wonderful Father (long story) as the Airport electrician for 20 years.. Yes, I've had a very interesting life so far and if I have learned anything its that time goes by so fast, don't blink because if you do, it will be next week..
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