L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Memorial Day"

 Over 4400 men killed in Iraq. 1000 killed in Afghanistan and counting. Will it ever end?    http://www.defense.gov/NEWS/casualty.pdf

“Thank God”, Its breakfast with friends this morning. Yesterday was a good day. Today is even better, the tourists go home. These long weekends are good for business but the crowds and traffic are too much for certain areas. …It doesn’t have any effect on me because I know how to maneuver around the area. When the traffic is bad I use my bike. I was right though, the tourists came in droves. Today they will evacuate the area and things will get back to summer normal. Week days and regular weekends are ok and fun. Its just when I see all the strangers lurking around pretending they belong here. You can tell and its funny. The next big holiday will be the 4th of July. “OMG”, its on a Saturday and Sunday…I can’t wait for that.


Tags: breakfast, memorial day, tourists, weekends
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