August 21st, 2019

"Who Me?"

What's going on with me you may ask? Or not.. First I am not sick.. I did not die and no one killed me... Just kidding.. Its called a wild imagination but the way things are today you never know....I still Live in Niantic Connecticut and am not going anywhere and I am glad I'm here by the Ocean.. The tourists will leave soon and I will have my beach to my self again.. Remember My Ford Mustang? Well this is a picture story of how I screwed it up.. Don't worry I still have it and now its back in tip top shape. Remember when they said things like that? OK, keep in mind it was pouring rain an the visibly was zero when I rolled over this rock.. OMG I can hardly say it...This was the most stupid accident I have ever had and I have been driving for roughly 65 years.. When your Dad or Mom said, "Be careful out there" they meant don't let things like this happen to you...

The last picture is where I park the Mustang in my spot 5 days later all fixed and ready to "Rock and Roll" after I spent a small fortune fixing it up.. Just thought I would share the biggest Screw-up in my life..