April 8th, 2019

"Story from the Past"

Years ago and I mean many "Years Ago" when I was a little kid. Me and the guys were sneaking smokes in the woods that were everywhere around my neighborhood..I collected and sold enough "Bogey" soda bottles from the side of the road at a Nickle a piece to buy a can of Prince Albert Pipe or Cigarette tobacco...My friend had a cigarette roller and paper to "roll our own cigarettes..I don't remember why I hid the can but I think it was because we got caught and I hid the can under the floor boards of the Attic of my Dads house..Years later when my Dad sold the house so He and my Mom could go to assisted living I took one last look at the beautiful home I grew up in.. I don't know why I thought about that tobacco can but when I looked, there it was in the same spot I hid it years before...These pictures are of that can of Prince Albert. It still has tobacco the in the can..