April 4th, 2019

“Through sickness and health”

I was reading stuff I wrote a long time ago and came up with this..

Do you think this is extreme and a fantasy? I would be the first one to agree with you. If this or any part of this is done, I believe the smiles you don’t see anymore would come back. There would be less crowded roads and highways. It would be less crowded everywhere. The air would be clean. Can you imagine looking up at night and seeing the stars again? Did you know there is so much pollution that your kids have never seen the stars at night the way it was in the 50s? Can you imagine drinking the water out of the faucet in a real glass instead of a plastic bottle? Can you imagine getting gas at your local gas station and seeing a High School kid named John instead of Abdul working the cash register? Can you remember when you heard the name Mohamed you thought of a Heavy Weight Champion instead of death or a bomb blast somewhere? Gas would be $49.9 cents a gallon the way its supposed to be. People would trust one another again. Families would stay together instead of being torn apart and ruined by alcohol, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. Honesty and morals would be a mainstay and the thing to do. Love would be what real love is supposed to be about and not just a passing desire for a few years or until you are tired of one another. Marriage would be when, “Through sickness and health” meant just that. The perfect family where Dad works and Mom watches the kids just might reappear. Maybe the kids would be outside playing in the yard instead going on the internet or playing video games. Just maybe a movie would be shown without a gun or death in it. Yes, and to all you people that will say this country was founded by certain principles, your right but most of those principles don’t exist anymore. You are right though, I would be the first to tell you the old words to the Constitution are there but Lawyers and corruption have changed and twisted the words to make them be whatever they want them to be. It seems we are so busy fixing all the world problems we are not watching what is happening in our own back yard. Our country is growing faster than our coping skills can handle it. Maybe it would take some tough decisions and limit setting to fix things but right now the United States is not United. Right now, it has no future. If you think it does, you have been blinded by all the lies and manipulation. If the United States continues on the path it is going, well you think about it. Project a little into the future… You will see what I mean and if you don’t, may God bless you. You are going to need it.
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