February 28th, 2019

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:24: Sen. Blumenthal responds to President Trump's tweet criticizing Vietnam service https://t.co/Cj31vf54Vy
  • Wed, 16:09: Everyone know what Trump is .. Everyone knows how he got where he is.. Why is everyone so surprised?
  • Wed, 16:33: Lawyers are 1000 feet thick in Washington.. Or in other words.. There is a Lawyer that will change the meaning of e… https://t.co/NCW9KgxaCh
  • Wed, 16:57: Presidential Dignity and Honor are gone from the United States. Trump is Narcissistic, inappropriate and the most u… https://t.co/hpR7yR8Nci
  • Thu, 11:18: No Tweets from Mr. Trump...hmmmm interesting.. I'll bet he is really pissed..