December 3rd, 2018


Comments brought to you by the chief of comments on the UTube network.. Just kidding I applied for that job but decided I was to old to work for anybody.. Would you believe I am older than UTube..

This comment was made to someone who thought Arnold was an upstanding guy.. There is more to the story but lets get to the comment..

Let me tell you about Arnold Schwarzenegger. This weight lifter, actor, politician and Governor of California has morphed into a deceiver, manipulator, cheater, womanizer, liar, serial groper, father of illegitimate children and soon to be ex-husband of Maria Shriver. By the way, her Dad was married to the late President John F. Kennedy’s sister. Can you imagine how humiliated she must feel?… What a legacy! Just your classic American politician walking around with that dumb look on his face thinking he can get away with anything. Its just another example of having too much money and no brains thinking he’s better that everyone else. Having all that power and prestige and losing it, now get this… to have sex, “Without protection” with a housekeeper. No, not with a sexy co-star or starlet, a freaking housekeeper. I sort of always knew that he wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. No wonder this country is circling the drain.
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