December 2nd, 2018


Well, its Sunday morning in America.. Why did I say that? First the weather.. Temperature is 50 degrees and its raining..Its going to be 38 degrees and above all week.. What Global warming? Who said that? Well it took a year but my Mustang is in tip top condition for the first time in a long time.. By that I mean, if I wanted to I could get in and drive to anywhere in the country and not worry about anything.. It cost me an arm and a leg (remember when they used to say that) but it was was worth it.. Moving on here..This is about UTube comments isn't it?

This comment was in response to someone who drove equipment for a living and broke something.. I really don't remember but the person read my response on UTube and it was very flattering..

I had a part time job driving a fork lift unloading planes at BDL... Wasn't funny when I inadvertently poked a hole just under the loading door on Slick Airlines Constellation Freighter.. Yes it was a long time ago.. The Co-Pilot taped up the hole with Masking tape and they took off.. Just them taking off is worth the story.. I watched them leave saying a little prayer.. The only consequence was a "Be careful next time". Needless to say I was..
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