December 1st, 2018


I just posted this on UTube in response to someone complaining about the trucks and high speeds (everyone is bumper to bumper going 100 MPH) and volume of traffic on Route 95 on the Connecticut shoreline.. No they would never pass a law like this.. Remember, its always about corruption and the money..

Note .... Not a day goes by that someone doesn't die a horrible death because of speeding and or texting and driving..

New law beginning Jan. 1st. 2019 Trucks can only use highways and roads between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM.. No trucks on any roads Saturday or Sunday.. Next to come will be North and South train tracks down and above the center medians of all highways.. Think it can't be done? Wait, it will.. Its ether that or cars only driving on odd or even days.. Number on license plate..
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"Christmas Rant"

I was just reading past posts and found this.. I wrote this in 2008.. I thought it was kind of neat and so true..

Its two weeks before Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations are popping up in the stores. Usually it’s the week after. This is greed’s answer to the atheists and non-believers. “If you don’t like it don’t come to our stores“. It must be a tough time of year for the non-believers and the Christmas haters who have to watch the glee and happiness in the eyes of the kids and some people at this Holy time of year… It’s the Roman Catholic holiday that almost everyone, including myself look forward to and celebrate. The question is do you really know what Christmas is? Do the children understand what it means and why people give gifts to each other? Every once and while ask a 9 or 10 year old? See what they say. There will be the usual spoilers who don’t want the Nativity scenes set up on State and Federal property I’m SCREAMING here, “>>> HEY MORONS, IN GOD WE TRUST IS WRITTEN ON AMERICAN MONEY”. Whose birthday do you think it is? Then there are the greedy freaks the ones that are responsible for the economy the way it is, that jack up the prices before Christmas and lower them after. I usually just give the kids money and tell them to wait till after Christmas or until the prices go down to get what they want. I tell them if they are willing to wait, I will give them a ride to the store in the Mustang. They always say yes. The stores must love me for that . Its like the grocery stores now with the outrageously high prices…. Here’s a reminder, >>>>>> Wait for it! >>>>>>> The prices will go down if you don’t buy it and only buy it if its on sale and you have a coupon. I was behind a lady in the supermarket check out line the other day who saved $40 dollars on a $120 bill. She said, “Her father taught her good”. I thought, “What a nice thing to say“. I was happy for her. My take on this is there are too many stores too close together in too many places. Some will close so others can stay open. There are empty buildings all around here. Its called free enterprise but it doesn’t make sense for 2 coffee shops to open across the street from each other. In a town close to me Starbucks closed and a smaller one stayed open. So much for the power of the bigger coffee Shop. That’s an example of stores being too close together. What I don’t understand is why are they build new buildings when they could use the existing one. Its such a waste…Well that is one of my Christmas rants. I’m sure there will be others…..Some of my stuff is “Tongue in cheek” but its always on the fringe of the truth. I write my impressions or a slightly slanted view of the things I see happening all around us. I try to make light of some situations and decisions because they are so moronic and shocking that I don’t want to cry. I am not exaggerating I am just trying to make sense of some of the craziness out there and using humor thinking that maybe I can read between the lines. Maybe, but I doubt it. I don’t think I will ever figure out how some of these of the decisions are made.