June 26th, 2018

"Years in Review"

I wrote this 8 years ago in 2010 and things haven't changed...In fact things might have gotten worse.. It was a rant so its in 5 parts or chapters whichever you prefer..

Part 1..... There are the people that think reality TV is real. There are the Millionaires that live on one side of town and the criminals that live on the other side. We have 20 year olds who live in a bubble and write their memoir because they have a famous Mom or Dad. Huh! Now if that’s not about the money what is? We have the people that think they live in a free country. Forgetting that every move they make is watched and scrutinized by God only knows who. Remember that, the next time you are X-rayed at an airport and they look at your private parts. More odd than that is, you accept it and let them do it. That in its self is terrorism. Never mind when they run their hands up your legs and buttocks. I always wonder what kind of a person looks at crotches for a living. If someone did that to you on the street they would be arrested for assault.

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