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September 8th, 2016

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"Our World What a Mess"

A little blast from the past...

In this country we have the people that think reality TV shows are real. There are the Millionaires that live on one side of town and the criminals that live on the other side. We have 20 year old kids who live in a bubble and write their memoir because they have a famous Mom. Huh! Now if that’s not all about the money, what is? We have the people that think they live in a free country. Forgetting that every move they make is watched and scrutinized by satellites, security cameras and God only knows who else. Remember that free country you lived in a long time ago the next time you are x-rayed at an airport and they look at your private parts. More odd than that is, you accept it and let them do it. If you think about it, that in its self is terrorism. Never mind when they run their hands up your legs and buttocks. I always wonder what kind of a person looks at crotches for a living. I mean what kind of person really does that....If someone did that to you on the street now a days they would be shot or arrested for assault. Next we have the victims and the crooks. More crooks though and its getting worse. We have the people that actually believe all the TV commercials and max out their credit cards buying that junk. We have some honest Politicians. The ones that are public servants. Can I still say Obama is a public servant? Wait! Huh, Where? Honest, just a minute I’m looking for the honest one! And then we have the corrupt. There aren’t many honest ones and now its hard to tell the difference. Now they are all Lawyers in Washington and have changed all the rules and laws to make everything that was illegal, legal...Like donations, deals and favors. I keep thinking of Blagojevich, Jessie Jackson Jr., Charlie Rangel and that slime that had the money in the freezer. Aren't they from Illinois like Obama? Hey, I could be wrong. Then there are the drug addicts that think they are special like that dead drug addict pedophile who died thinking he was better than you because he could hire a Doctor drug dealer to shoot him up. Then there is Whitney Houston, oh, shes dead too.....They always seem to end up dead....Of coarse there are the drug addicts that are out of control and will kill you and your family for material things. There is Charlie Sheen who criticizes the AA Big Book. Ask the millions of sober Alcoholics about that one. At this point in his life I think Charlie thinks he is better than God. I feel bad for his father and brothers. I don’t know who his Mom was but I feel sorry for her too. Then we have the radical Muslims and the regular Muslims. They have 2 Gods. One is the killer God who kills children. The other isn’t. Its hard to tell the difference. You never know which one will walk into grocery store and blow it up to kill everyone. We have the Christians, they are all the same. At least for now they are. You never know about later...Remember the crusades. They weren't so nice then. We have a lot of black people and white people. Most are good but there are mostly black people in the prisons. I wonder why that is? We have Illegal and legal aliens. Most are honest but some spoil it for all the others and steal from the welfare system. It hurts everyone when they do that. They don’t seem to care and laugh at you when you pay for their groceries and then can’t buy gas for your car to be able to go to work to pay taxes to buy their grocery’s. We have our own oil wells in this country but we send the oil to other countries and then we buy oil from the countries that hate Americans and kill our soldiers that are trying to protect them. There are the people that sue the State and the Government. Who they are really suing is the people in this country. We pay for the Lawyers and they are suing us for tax dollars. Connecticut has a State Income Tax. It was supposed to be temporary. They lied... That was 20 years ago. They allowed the Indians in Connecticut to build Casinos so tax dollars on revenues could pay for education in Connecticut. Now they are closing schools and cutting school programs. The result is dying communities around the Casinos and schools filled with the children of casino workers and their Illegal children. Now they want to tax the coupons that save you a dollar. Its Insane…There is so much more but I’ll save it for another day....


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