June 30th, 2016

Boat Yard Information

This abandoned boat yard is located in Stonington Connecticut across the street (Route 1) from Ruth Buzzi's dad's house. He was a grave stone engraver in this area. I seen people cleaning out the furniture in his old house the other day. He must have died a while ago. I don't think he had anything to do with the boat yard.. There is a another small boat yard next to this one still working. These new pictures are what is left of the boat yard. The houses, camper and view... The old folks are dieing around here. Most is left to probate, lawyers and family that doesn't care. I found it on G earth looking for a quiet place. I use the old boat dock to meditate and to listen and watch the birds and seagulls. I remember driving by this area 20 years ago. It was very prosperous. Now there are a lot of empty run down homes.. Now its tourist season. All seasonal business. Its a ghost town when they are gone.. Literally, a ghost boat yard...
Ruth's Bio is on the bottom of the page via Wikipedia