May 1st, 2016


Is life back to normal you may ask? No, but getting there. I went to Trader Joe's in West Warwick R.I. alone shopping for food. That is a new start. Went out last night with friends. Didn't get back till late... Had a great time.. Here's the deal... I'm doing things alone and forgetting about the issues. I have done this many times so its not taking as long now. Its called a new routine rerun... I tried and had to let it go.. Life for me goes on. I'm still eating a healthy diet and the result's from my blood test came back normal. Low cholesterol and normal blood pressure. Being a vegetarian (almost vegan) is really paying off. For someone my age and the the way people out there eat today that alone is a miracle.. The idea is to go places alone and sooner or later it works. No expectations, no worries. I tried to help and it didn't work. ............ Trip soon.. I have some new ideas about South Carolina.. Am I a having pipe dreams? Maybe we will see..