March 8th, 2016

The Trip

I think I'm gonna save the beach trip for another day. I'm really tired. I'm in Wilkes Barre Scranton Pennsylvania at a Comfort Inn and its been very interesting. I'm not quitter but I've seen what I want to see. No excuses but the traffic at certain times of the day is horrendous.. I not used to that. To be honest I have never seen anything like it. In my travels these past few days I went through the hills and mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Its depressing to see all the countless homes, abandoned farms, silos, campers that people lived in, weather beaten prefabricated homes, shacks, rusty signs, stores and garages. They say The United States is good and prosperous but its not. So far I went about 500 miles and I can only imagine what the rest of the country is like. There is a whole generation gone and their dreams and everything they built is dead and falling apart. Why can't I ignore this stuff and just mosey along not caring like its not there? Its because I understand History like its talking to me and the pain these people went through saving and scrimping to survive to enjoy what they were doing. Helping to build this Nation. No predictions here but I feel bad for this society and what they think is freedom. God bless them, they are going to really need it..
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