January 26th, 2016

"The Rumor Mill and Gossiping"

Yesterday the discussion at my Thursday morning breakfast meeting turned into a lesson of character defects to the extreme. Examples of what crazy things we do and can happen when we become envious and gossip. These things do happen to all of us at one time or another. We talked about what to do and what not to do when confronted with feeling angry and stressful in these times of uncertainty and what to do when you are grateful that things are going your way. Personally I think it takes years to learn how to manage your life and be successful and comfortable with yourself at the same time. Some never learn and are stuck in a groove, living a life of hate and contempt trying to take down other people. However, smart people learn by consequences and the mistakes they make. When all around us, especially in the building where I live I am surrounded by people who are jealous and want to be like me or want what I have. Which is by the way, a quiet happiness and the mystery of a real smile. Some of these people I might add are the kind of people that try to, "eat Chop Suey with one chop stick" . I do know that none of us want to feel that guilt and remorse later when we hurt someone by gossiping or slandering them, causing them to be angry. Lets face it, we all want to be safe, have the kindest and most beautiful girlfriend in the world, no bills and the nicest car. Today, I think we have to expect less and be content with what we have and like it or not some of us have to step aside. Its really not important to be perfect and be in the front of the line all the time. The idea is to stop criticizing and let the other person step in front of you. You should do this with the compassion and kindness you lost but can find buried somewhere in your soul. You should help just a little. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself.

You will know when its time.

“You will know when its time”, was the answer my friend told me many years ago when I asked that very important question. It wasn’t so much the when that I was worried about. That was inevitable. The unasked question was, what happens if I do this? That was the scary part. Fear of the unknown. Was I willing to change my life completely was question I asked myself? Its also the waiting for the “Knowing if it’s the right time” that bothered me. To my surprise, he was right. I did know when it was time and did what I was waiting for and it changed my life forever. It sent me in a direction that I never imagined possible. Although I didn’t know it at the time I had reinvented myself. I looked the same, sounded the same but I was a different person. What I did gave me a positive attitude and a new outlook on the mystery of life. My life as I had lived it in the past was over. Still, doing what I did wasn’t easy because all the dead ends and pitfalls were still there but I survived everything. It wasn’t often but there were times when I thought that maybe I had made a mistake. As time went on I discovered that I didn’t. I did what I did for a reason. Today I can say it was peace of mind and for the most part it was. Just before I did what I did I thought, there has to be more to life than the way I was living. When it was finally done it was like I had broken threw the fog and seen the light..There was a time when I looked for other reasons but I stopped looking a long long time ago. I just know it wasn’t a mistake. It was not an easy decision to do what I did and a few lives were changed. No one was hurt just inconvenienced and today I don’t regret it for one second…