January 20th, 2016

Answer for question 4593.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So take a picture of something around you (in your home, office, outside -- it doesn't matter) and post it for others to enjoy. Why did you choose the shot you did? What would you most like to photograph in person that you've never had the chance to do (a specific location, painting, person, etc)?

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Usually its because it’s a clear shot of the area where I live. The beach or surrounding area. I'm having problem's with Windows 10 and Live Journal and the complicated way it uploads. Actually I'm too lazy to figure it out.. I'll know when its time..

Answer for question 4594.

What part of your job (or other daily routine) do you hate the most right now? Why is it so troublesome for you? If you could change one thing about your job (new boss, new co-worker, new location) to try to improve it, what would it be?
Its where I live that I dislike the most. I call it WWII housing and I was a fool to move here. Its dirty and primitive compared to the other places I've lived. There is a horrible maintenance staff and I dread the pending snow storm and being stuck here for a few days.. I would have went to Virginia Beach but its going to be just as bad down there. I could scream. I realize this will pass but I can't wait to move back to where I came from . I'm on the list and ready to go…