January 3rd, 2016

Answer for question 4581.

Name a few foods that you hated as a kid but that you've grown to love as an adult. Why do you think your opinion of these foods changed over time? Similarly, what's something you couldn't get enough of as a kid that you'd be horrified at the thought of eating now?
Answer to the last question first.. Hot Dogs.. I could never eat them now..

The bottom line is nothing is made like it was.. I have been a Vegetarian for 4 years and I would never go back to the food now.. Short summation……. The way they slaughter animal's. The horrible conditions they are kept and the chemicals they are given.. From growth hormones to antibiotics and steroids.. Its cruel and inhumane.. The bottom feeders that do this to these creatures should be shot in the knees and left to die..

Answer for question 4582.

Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Why or why not? Does your answer change if you're taking the picture yourself (a "selfie") versus someone else doing so? Describe (or post!) your favorite picture of yourself, if you have it handy, and describe why it's so important to you.
I'm usually the guy behind the camera… I miss me years ago when someone was looking at what I call pictures of the past.. I wasn't in the pictures, I was taking the pictures… Read on….
In these days with all the rushing around there are no pictures on paper that you can save to see in the future, in say 10, 20, or even 50 years from now. Your kids and their kids won’t know who their Grandparents were, never mind what they looked like.. They won’t know who you were or what you looked like. They won’t have the precious memories that you have… This ever changing world and its odd society has even taken away your memories and your past.. Its almost like you are only here for a few years and believe me here, it only feels like a few, then we are discarded.. Its like you don’t count anymore and in a little while you are, if you are lucky, only a name on a stone. Soon after that you won’t exist…
      Since the digital picture age started a few years ago did you ever notice that there are no real pictures anymore? Do you remember, what they called a photograph? I mean the kind pictures that you keep for 50 years to hand down to your kids for the “Memories“. Well, those memories were triggered by those little pieces of paper...Yes, I agree, digital graphics are clear and it is faster than film but the real pictures on paper are missing. Remember pictures? The kind you had developed and put on paper. You took pictures with your little Brownie or if you could afford it, the 35mm camera that you bought in a "Real Camera Store". My wife Ann's grandfather gave me my first 35 because he was old and his hands shook and the pictures came out blurry…His name was George Guiel…You then took that roll of film to the local drug store and waited sometimes with anticipation to have them developed to see how they “Came out“. Then you knew that years later your kids could look in that box in the back of the closet to see what Mom and Dad did with you and your brothers and sisters or your wonderful relatives years ago.
         I’ll bet you didn’t know families did mostly everything together. Beaches, camping, picnics and they even visited each others homes almost every weekend. Mom and Dad visited Grandma and Granddad all the time and took pictures of them. Sometimes they bought little frames and put those paper pictures in them just to remember how wonderful their parents were…
      Some of my most fondest memories are when I see pictures of my Mother and Father. I remember what a wonderful people they were and how patiently and delicately they guided me around the pitfalls of this dangerous world.

         To this day I have a picture of my Dad hanging where I can see it every day…