December 20th, 2010

“Rerun 3”

                Written and posted on…March 26,2009 


I think its about time I address this economy thing. First, I have never in my life seen our government spend these huge amounts of money to save, bail out or boost any economy let alone ours.. This is a free enterprise nation and the theory is to lower the prices to get business moving in your store or business. In other words, remember gas wars between two stations? Well, its like that only in regular stores. Now that gas prices have dropped and stabilized the prices of food and other things have stayed high in the stores. it’s the first sign of greed. They haven’t come down. Only a complete moron would pay some of the outrageous prices in those stores, yet they do. I just don’t believe what I see. I just see the lines getting shorter. Bail out! Give me a break! That was unheard of until now. It all started when the clown in the white house said send everyone $300. That was such a joke. I just heard the Post Office say they were operating in the hole losing money but they were buying very expensive homes for some of their employees. Some for a Million dollars. Give me a another break…I’d fire the Post Master General who signed off on that one so fast his head would spin. In fact I would have the police escort him off the premises. They are raising the price of stamps. I still don’t believe that? In the past if a store or business was losing business or was going to fail they had a going out of business sale and that was that. I’m afraid this country has been taken over by dishonesty, stupidity and greed. It didn’t matter how big the business was or what kind of excuse they come up with. They were done. When the government starts to give away this kind of money its open season on theft. AIG and Bush’s and Chaney’s oil pals for example. The thieves come out of the woodwork. There are just too many people and not enough space. There are too many stores and too much stuff. Too many kinds of products that we don’t need. There are too many people on welfare and food stamps. We all know who they are. Our environment is being ruined. Did you know that hundreds of Whales are beaching themselves all over the world? It’s the war machine submarines with their powerful sonar that confuses the whales.  Nobody will admit that. If they do, they do nothing to help. Its like they don’t care about the creatures. There too many cars and not enough roads. On and on. Its out of control. I really think it is. Too many commercials and not enough money. If there is no money how can we buy all the junk they advertise? It doesn’t make sense. The prescription drug company commercials are like the slimy street drug dealers. Just ask your doctor he will give you that prescription to hook you…Its like smoke that cigarette and we will hook you on that too. Someone told me yesterday that the Connecticut tobacco sweepings are sold to a cigar maker in North Carolina to make cigars. Can you imagine what the fools who buy those things are smoking? I would imagine everything from spit to God only knows what. That’s the way it is to make you buy or spend money. They hook you on the product only to make money for themselves. I’m not going to talk about this but what’s in all the mass produced processed food? I can just imagine. You don’t have to know just look at the population and all the fat people. No one really cares about anything except making money.. Hurry, hurry, hurry, buy, buy, buy, like there is no tomorrow…Its also being hooked on instant gratification and that’s a sickness. People don’t have the knowledge or ability to wait because they have been told and programmed for years to buy or charge it now or else. Just have your credit card number ready. OMG……..These are the same folks that stampede into stores on Black Friday and trample people to death…. We will never be able to pay back or make enough money to get us out of the hole we are putting ourselves in. I like President Obama and he is trying hard to succeed but they have to draw the line somewhere. I fear that if the gas prices start to go up and the government keeps spending like they are doing we are going to go into such a depression that this country will never recover. During the “Great Depression” of the 30s people were literally jumping out of the  windows from buildings in New York City and all over the country. The food lines were city blocks long and people were starving to death.  Today its scams, stealing and hurting people. More and more people are buying guns and that is what this is leading to… The drug war is at our door step on the Mexican American border and if you think it can’t happen here you better think again. Maybe it already is? Remember, because of this economy people worry and what do people do when they don’t know any better and they want to forget their problems? Right, remember instant gratification? Well that also leads to using drugs and that leads to addiction and that viscous cycle.  I am not going to post blame and I have no solutions. I am only saying to be careful and think before you buy anything. Remember the difference between wants and needs and save a few dollars for that preverbal rainy day, it may be sooner that you think…

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“New York Giants”

I have been watching the Giants play football for years. This game yesterday, if you can call it that was the worse exposition of professional football I have ever seen. It was a embarrassing demonstration of poor coaching and mistakes. It could not have been worse. There is no excuse for the so-called players but most of all the coaches. If I was an owner I would forfeit the rest of the season. To lose a home game like that at this point in the season is intolerable….