December 12th, 2010

“What's Left of the United States”

      Now it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. What’s that all about? What's going to be next? Why doesn’t this Egyptian dictator, president or whatever he is just leave. Can’t he tell the people don’t want him in office?  Its like this Castro thing. He just won’t die but in the past if you didn’t like him you would suddenly disappear like you didn’t exist. Now that’s an example of persistence and power. From what I understand this Egypt guy has stolen $70 Billion dollars. Not bad for a country where the average salary for a poor person is $40 dollars a month. I mean that’s taking greed to the extreme. This guy is one sick dude but normal for ex-military. Castro was ex-military . It must be in the blood. Is this brotherhood thing a radical Muslim group? Is this the religion that blows up school children? Are they the peaceful kind that take a bride at 12 or 13 and make her dress in robes and masks like in the middle ages. They talk about losing money in the tourist industry. My question is who in their right mind still goes to places like this?..I realize that you could get shot or blown up in the United States but going to the Middle East is like asking for trouble…”Hey, Hun today we are going to the street market and get some ethnic food”. “Yeah right sweetie, not on your best day. It would just our luck to have a freak with a bomb strapped to his body blow himself up while we are there”.  I have done my best staying away from watching all this Egypt crap because it is just an escalation of the war against the United States or what's left of the United States. It started years ago with Iran then later in Iraq now Afghanistan. It’s a little different in Egypt now but it means the same thing. Sooner or later it will be here more than it is now. If you think the prices and the insanity is bad in the United States now. Just wait! Its going to get worse..   

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