December 3rd, 2010

“ Step Up and Tell “the Truth”

I don’t know, I am at a loss for words. I got a haircut yesterday and my barber who is a woman, a very nice one I might add, feels the same way I do about our elected officials. I didn’t bring it up either, she did. It was like she read my Blog. Lately its been like that. I hear on the street, what I wrote about month ago. Now I hear what I wrote about on TV, when its not muted. Its safe to say this is not a happy country…The Rangel thing I wrote about came to be. They should have sent him home and taken away his lifetime healthcare which you are paying for by the way.  From what I heard, he was a hero in that North Korean Conflict I wrote about but he still betrayed the public trust and ruined his career. He is a classic case of denial. The Social Security issues I wrote about are happening. Our country is literally falling apart. No one is content or even remotely happy. Its like all the people are miserable. Its like we are waiting for the ax to fall. Greed is coming to light now. People on the street are talking about that. Now Congress is doing something about TV commercials. I wrote about that a long time ago. I feel weird writing about the crooks and sickos all the time. I can’t help it. Its how I feel. In the past, things happened, it was fixed then it was on to the next issue...Now this country is stagnant, polluted and out of control. Nothing is fixed. No one will make a decision on anything. There is too much poverty in the world. Too many people are coming to this country attaching themselves to us. WE cannot feed and clothe the world. We cannot help everybody. We are overburdened and overtaxed. The “Send us your tired and your poor” days are over. There is no more room and we are out of money and jobs.  They wait to make these major decisions until the last second then they say it has to be done. Then blame each other and us. We end up paying the bill. I heard they want to raise the Federal gas tax…Will someone please tell them that gas is over $3 dollars a gallon now. Its all about denial, lies, excuses more lies. If those morons extend unemployment benefits again we are doomed. Someone has to make these tough decisions. Who in Gods name is paying for all that? A few years ago if I ran out of unemployment benefits that was it. Boy, did I get a job fast. They are giving away the future of America. Someone has to step up and tell the truth about why all this is happening and have the guts do something about it. Its only get worse for everyone…I wrote about North Korea and I feel very uncomfortable about that. 

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