November 28th, 2010

“Subliminal Advertising”

Its common sense. If you don’t buy anything the prices will go down. That’s the way it is. You should wait to buy the big stuff until after the first of January because new technology will be coming out in electronics, including phones and TV’s. You should pay off your credit cards now to have one less bill at the end of the month. Oh, and yes , if every one did this the interest rates will go down. Its not true that you have to buy and spend to help the economy. That’s a lie. In fact the less you spend the more it helps. These days its all about them saying how much money they earned during the holiday season. How much the suckers and fools will spend. Things have to change in order for it to get better. To help the economy do not charge anything to your credit card! Pay cash only! If you can’t pay for it, don’t buy it. With all the products and stores out there you can always find what you want or need a little cheaper somewhere else. If not, wait, you will probably find out you don’t need it or want it anyways. Before you buy anything really expensive think about it overnight before you make the decision to buy it. Mute all the commercial's on the the TV. The subliminal suggestions are programing you to spend. Its like an addiction. Over and over, on and on the same thing again and again. The advertising agency's know this. Years ago this type of advertising was illegal. Even then they didn’t have any morals or respect for you. Now they will do anything and I mean anything make you spend, just to get your money. Remember, these greedy bastards will say anything to suggest that you spend and buy stuff you don’t need. They don’t care about you, in fact they want you to suffer later so you have to spend and charge more to get better. It’s all a game to them. They have even changed the name from “Customer” to  “Consumer”. Take a close look at that word. Its demining and insulting. You have become that part of society that spends, so the greedy can live in those big houses that you always see in the country. How many times have you wondered how they can afford to live in that big house with the three car garage in that town or area? I’ll bet you have even said that. Well, that's how they get the money. From you and where do you live and where did you think they got the money? Its borderline stealing. A con game. Anything goes. Years ago there were rules. Today anything or anybody is fair game. See, the word “Game” keeps popping up. It’s the game of selling. When you were buying something has anyone ever asked you if you can afford it or if you buy it will you still be able to pay your rent or have the money to buy gas for the week to go to work. Think about the heat, now that its the winter and how much that’s going to cost. Can you still pay for that? Will you have buyers remorse the next day if you buy anything? They indirectly inflict worry, depression and pain on you and laugh about it while you go to your Doctor for your anti-depressants and pain pills. Try this…Instead of spending, if you can, save your money, even if its only nickels and dimes. Believe me you are going to need it in the future because the American government is trying to extend the Social Security age. If and when they do and that happens find the tallest building or the highest bridge because all those material things you bought and who you bought them from is not going to help you.