November 25th, 2010


This is a letter I sent yesterday in response to a friend of mine about her thoughts about this Holiday Season. 

Wow, I’m glad you got all that off your chest…Baby, as you get older the less and less you will actually want to be involved in the hum-drum of the Holidays. Its not the way it was and it will never be. We had it the best. Those dinners we made for Thanksgiving will never be the same, we did it the best and have the memories to prove it. Don’t try to make it like it was, it’s a waste of time. Christmas? Again, we had the best. Very few, if any people today have no time for tradition. They know nothing of the Baby Jesus. They don’t know what that is or how beautiful it is. When we gave a gift to someone it meant something. The only thoughts we had were to make someone genuinely happy. Greed was not the modification. I hate, I literally hate what its become…All the stores, black Friday. Its all bait and gimmicks to get people in the stores to max out their credit cards. People are so blind with greed they can’t see the marked up prices and will buy things for themselves and spend money they haven’t got for gifts that no one cares about. Now more stores are open on Thanksgiving and they want to sell booze on Sundays. Its all about greed and taking your money. I will not be called a consumer. Its demeaning and degrading. I only buy what I need, when I need it and only if I need it.…I will never, ever help pay for the debt this country is in or spend so someone can fatten their bank account. Only so they can say they have more money than the next person. Today its all about the ability to take your money so they can say they did. They lie, cheat and steal in Washington and it goes on from coast to coast in every State. Illinois has been notorious for that for years. You know that. Just look at your ex-governor. Welfare is out of control and you are paying for all those illegal’s that are working those minimum wage jobs in fast food. Yes, the jobs the high school kids should have but the illegal’s have so they qualify for medical and welfare money from the State. I am hearing talk now about your Social Security. As it is, the Seniors have not had a meager cost of living adjustment in 3 years. Think about that! When can you retire? Better look into it…I think you will be working till your 68 or 70. Who wants to hire a person that age? Can you hold a job that long?  Believe me you won’t want to do that. Its really bad out there…You can take that to the bank. Its about all you will be able to take. Thank you for your nice long letter….I love it…

                                  Take Care Baby…Love you