November 8th, 2010

“Wireless What”

On the commercials at half time during football games they make all these new phones look so good on TV with all this “G” stuff they talk about. The only G stuff I know about are the G forces I feel in my Mustang when it shifts into high gear doing a 100 MPH…However… I was thinking….I have a cell phone that I can call people with and if I wanted to, I could pay extra and get an internet connection. Can you believe they they charge me by the minute?..OK, having said that. If wanted to go on the internet, I’ll bet I could get a small lap top type style component that I could carry in my pocket. Sort of like my Nintendo DS game player. Hell, even that has a wireless connection in it and it works in the Library. I think you can connect with other game players on the Nintendo site via the net…I don’t know but I’ll bet with all this new technology I could find something that I could do this with anywhere.  Why do I need a bigger phone bill when I already have a wireless internet connection in almost and restaurant, coffee shoppe or library. In fact I’ll bet that I could get a wireless connection almost anywhere. I already pay for a land line and internet connection why do I have to pay for another one?  Why do I care? I don’t but it just bothers me that people think it’s a big deal to do all this stuff. Especially the kids that don’t know how to communicate unless they are walking around looking at their hand…It looks so stupid. They look like a bunch of futuristic clones or robots. They need to get a life…Oh wait, they don’t know any better…

The Giants won yesterday….Officially they are the best team in the NFL…They play Dallas next week…OMG, I wonder who will win that one? Right, Jerry…..