November 7th, 2010

"Go Giants"

A few words about the game of football. Lately there have been fines for certain types of hitting and hurting players. This has been going at least once a season for years. Players have been crippled for life and some have walked away OK but have never played again because of career ending hits…All sad but true. I have seen it many times. Players play because they want to and they know the risks very well. They get paid huge amounts money to endure the pain of the game and believe me there is plenty to endure. I don’t care what position you play, it literally takes a week to recover from the pain and stiffness of a game. The uniforms and protective equipment were designed in some cases for each individual player.This is a sport that most of these guys have trained their whole lives to play. From a very young age playing Midget football, High school through college they compete to get that prestigious job as a player in the National Football League. Take my word for it, its in all their minds and dreams. Some make it, most don’t. Its always that way, they pick the best of the best to play …The moral of the story here is they know the risks and they know the bottom line. They train with the best trainers and coaches with the best medical care and doctors. A $50,000 fine to you and me is devastating but to a player it’s a minor issue. That player will do a commercial for a beer company and make that back in a afternoon times ten…Its more of a warning than anything else. To who? I really don’t know.  The commission has been doing this for as long as I remember. It will never stop because the integrity of the game will be lost.

     The Giants play Seattle today in Seattle…The Giants are favorite to win this game by a touchdown. I say if the Giants show up this will be done plus seven…