November 5th, 2010

“ Just a Few Questions?”

Friday at last..I don’t why I say that, everyday is Friday to me…

..…About this election…Have my questions been answered? Lets see…Welfare? Is anyone going to fix the welfare system so if you are unemployed you can only get food if you are a citizen of this country. I mean, “Only food”, not cash, cigarettes and clothes? Are there going to be any rules about how long you can be in this country before its mandatory to become a citizen, say for example, 6 months. If you don’t become one and learn English you are deported back to where you came from. Has anyone talked about no more bailouts no matter who you are or who you know! If you are going out of business, you go out of business. That includes Wall Street or any of the major car companies or insurance companies. When these places are going out of business, believe me, it usually means the bonuses were too big or the money was stolen by the CEO’s. No bailouts means anybody and everybody! No bailouts for anyone! Has anyone mentioned punishment for corrupt politicians or those guilty of crimes while serving in the public trust or having a stiffer prison term in a real prison? There are signs on the side of the road, “Fines Doubled” for speeding in a work zone. For corrupt politicians  when they take the oath of office it should say “Sentences Doubled” if caught betraying the public trust. Has anyone talked about bringing the troops home from anywhere and everywhere? Has anyone talked about the price of gas, now at $3.00 a gallon and going up? How about heating oil? Has anyone even mentioned that? I didn’t hear anything about terrorism in this country. We haven’t had any bombs go off in the Malls but the crime rate is out of control. There are mass murders everywhere. The question is, who doesn’t have a Swat team in their town or city and why do they have one? The Suicide rare is climbing, husbands are killing wives, children are killing children. Bullying is out of control and real anger is everywhere. Has anyone talked about drug abuse, smuggling drugs and the drug wars and death on our borders and in the cities in this country.  Have they mentioned the thousands of sick young addicts that die and are dying as I write this? Have they talked about over population and highways jammed with cars. When was the last time anyone of these morons went to work in the morning rush hour? Hell, when was the last time they didn’t use the Limo or private jet should be the question? Do any of these fools know how much it really cost per week to feed a family of four or heat a 3 bedroom house? I don’t think so. Did they talk about how they make a 2 or 4 year job into a lifetime and retire with a full pension and full medical? Did they talk about the benefits of that job and their $3000 dollar suits? I don’t think so…What they talked about was each other and what they did and didn’t do. According to the commercials they are crooks and liar’s before they get to Washington! Its all denial and lies! It will never change. They are experts at giving answers without giving answers…No! They didn’t answer any of my questions and I didn't expect them to….