November 3rd, 2010

“More Pictures”

I am so happy about this new picture upload thing In can’t stop using it…Update..I would like to mention that my odyssey of not watching commercials continues but it was great not to mute Linda this morning. She literally spent millions in Connecticut and lost. How does that make you feel Linda, huh??… I don’t turn on the TV anymore unless there is a football game. Only in the morning for the weather and its on mute.…No comment on the election yet. Enjoy a few more more pictures..I think I will post some great Sea Glass pictures tomorrow.. For a better effect, click on the picture you want to see close up…The detail is amazing….The pictures of Willie were taken yesterday….The sea birds and turkeys this week. The sunset the other day from Rocky Neck….What a life….

Willie in Sun 028Willie in Sun 005

Willie in Sun 011Willie in Sun 022

Willie in Sun 024Willie in Sun 034

Sunset 45 002Sunset 45 029