October 29th, 2010

“Learning Experience”

I think it all has to to with your upbringing…Kids learn by example…If parents do negative things, guess what? Sooner or later the kids will do the same things. Today it’s about the TV they watch, the movies they see or the kids they hang around with at school or after school. A good upbringing means constant supervision and positive reinforcement. If the kids are left to fend for themselves the bad influences will look good to them and sooner or later the trouble begins….They copy attitudes and behaviors from other people. They need positive role models. Kids have no idea who they are… Having said that. I was in a position to meet a guy yesterday that just got out of prison after serving 15 years for killing someone while driving drunk….It’s a long story but its just an example of the problems that are out there. Bad choice of friends, drugs, a little to much to drink, a lot of warnings a few DWI’s and then the inevitable happens. I believe that this all started a very long time ago. I don’t know how this could have been prevented but maybe if someone said something or did something years ago when he was a little kid it might have been different. Maybe its destiny or fate. Who knows? I know that I had problems when I was a kid but my Dad taught me about responsibly and trust. He taught me about consequences and being honest with myself and others. He taught about faith. That could have been me in that prison for all those years but some how I knew better. As time went on and I grew up things happened and what my dad taught me clicked in my mind and I didn’t get in trouble. Close but not quite only because of what he taught me. That still happens today. His words and examples will always guide me through the rough spots. Years ago I tried to take a few shortcuts but when the road got bumpy I knew when it was time to come back. It was a very interesting day yesterday.