October 28th, 2010


As unusual as this sounds, this is my 948th entry and I don’t think I’ve written about the same thing twice…Yes, the same ideas but its not quite the same…There is always a little twist on the subject. Usually I’m complaining about something but most of the time its about using common sense and daily life or politics. At times I can’t think of anything to write about in the morning….I get up at 7:30 or 8 and turn on the computer, feed Willie, get a cup of coffee and sit down to write…I do this because its sort of like a job. I have been consistent to say the least, Lately I have been downloading TV shows and movies to save for later or watch that night. Commercial-less TV. I’m talking all the TV shows you see the night before, crystal clear and quick. A one hour show in 14 minutes and full length move in 30 minutes. I like to watch shows, say 2 or 3 in a row. They are easier to follow that way…I can do all this while writing. Multi tasking, I think they call it. Now I am downloading “Criminal Minds” from last night. I seen all the series “Dexter”, “Met your Mother”, “Two and a half men” and many others. I have “Glee“, I just haven’t watched it yet….I have collected many movies, some new but mostly older that I haven’t seen, some I have. This morning I’m going to breakfast with friends then to the grocery store…The weather here has got that sticky humid feeling and its very foggy. Its OK but uncomfortable…It should get cooler later or tomorrow.