October 27th, 2010

"Things Are Normal"

I have nothing much today except I can’t wait for the insanity about the election to be over. I feel like I’m in a be careful mode again…Halloween is coming don’t take any chances with that….Watch out for the kids on the streets at night. Yesterday I went to the beach in Rhode Island but it was too foggy to do anything. It was a nice ride though. I almost ran over a squirrel. Actually he ran under my car and clunked his head on the frame underneath. I turned around and went back and seen him scampering through the woods. In all my years of driving I have never ran over any creatures. I stop for them so they don’t get confused, pissing off the folks who follow me too close. I kind of like that. Later, I let them pass me out checking out the Mustang as they drive by in their junky cars to go to work to their 9 dollar a hour jobs to earn money to pay their taxes that pay for welfare for the illegal’s and frauds so that our newly elected officials can steal and become millionaires but I digress, That’s normal and will never change. The world is still crazy. The hiccup girl was arrested for murder. Remember her? The Jet Blue guy who freaked out was on TV telling his side of the story. It’s the same as everybody else’s story. He really needs to get sober along with Charlie Sheen. Who, by the way got angry and wrecked a room in the Plaza hotel in New York. He really needs a meeting. Its raining here and the roads and highways are jammed. I noticed that the violence with the protesters about this election is getting worse. The commercials on TV are getting longer and more boring. Does anybody actually watch or listen to them?…. See, the country and world as we know is the same but getting worse everyday….Things are normal….
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