October 26th, 2010

"Who Smokes?"

I was thinking about what someone said to me the other day…Smoke? “Who smokes, this is 2010 why would anybody smoke“?. I said, “I know what you mean…Its just not cool to smoke anymore“. Then I thought, the last time I smoked was about 10 years ago and I quit because one night I woke up not being able to breath. What a feeling that was…I know that means nothing to you but it will, when it happens to you though, believe me…The next day I went to the Doctor and he said, “I had Bronchitis”. It was the last time I smoked anything. I was lucky because I had stopped 5 years before that and started again so I knew what I was up against. It’s a drug addiction and a disease of the worst kind and a nasty dirty habit. I was doing some research for this piece and I thought I would share it with you….The links are below…None of this will make you want to stop smoking because its YOU that has to want to stop. You need to reach your bottom and say I’m tired of my teeth getting yellow and my clothes smelling like the back room at a whore house. I’m tired of standing out in the cold and rain just to poison my lungs with tar and nicotine. I tired of being an drug addict and letting smoking run my life. I’m tired of being a prisoner to my addiction…The thing is, you know this disease is killing you slowly each time you suck smoke into your lungs, and it won’t let you do anything about it. Its like you are involuntarily killing yourself every time you inhale that cancer and those chemicals into your lungs. You and you alone have to make a decision and have the determination to be honest with yourself and stop completely. When you stop you make the decision, no smoking just on weekends or one or two cigarettes a day. No smoking during pressure situations. No smoking on holidays. No smoking during coffee or after dinner or a meal. Total abstinence because once you stop and you start again, sooner or later you will be right back to the way you were only worse…. No half-measures…You are done smoking, one day at a time for the rest of your life…Sound impossible? Believe me its not….After 2 days, yes, you will miss it, it’s a habit…After a week you will have cravings….after a month you will think about it, after a year you won’t….Not smoking comes with all the fringe benefits. Slowing down the ageing process, clean breath and the nicest smile but most of all the ability to run up the stairs without being winded…Hey, live long, your body wasn’t meant to abused like that…..

http://www.quit-smoking-stop.com/harmful-smoking-effects.html            http://www.quit-smoking-stop.com/smoking-diseases.html
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