October 25th, 2010

"Head Gear"

My dad was a fan of “Head gear“…In other words, hats. In the winter he wore a pea-cap, although he was never in the Navy. Instead of the Military and because of our family he was exempt from service but worked in a place called an Armory where they made guns for “World War Two“. My uncle was in the Navy. He was in what they called the “Seabees“. I remember he gave my dad a Navy hat and a pea-coat for the winter. They called it a, pea coat and pea hat because of the cloth its made of. I often wondered what the “P” meant…In the summer my dad wore a baseball cap. He was a great baseball player. He played 3rd base for the town baseball team. The name of the team was the Kettle Brook. The uniforms were like the Yankees but my dad was a Red Sox fan. He got to see them win a World Series before he died. He was happy about that. My son Adam put a Red Sox hat in his coffin. He really would have liked that. I remember one summer afternoon many years ago they were playing baseball and he threw from deep in the hole at third base to first base and got the runner out...Everybody in the grandstand cheered. I didn’t know that the time but he was excited when he explained it to me. His nick name was “Pap the Rooster”, all the players had nick names. I have no idea what that means. I think, “Rooster” is a term for a baseball infielder. I was a little kid but I remember that. When he was older and done playing baseball he wore a golf cap. For years he played golf all summer long with my uncles and his friends. In the winter he went bowling on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I went with him to watch a few times and I remember helping the owner of the bowling alley set up the pins. They were “short handed” they said. They were called “Duck-pins“. I remember a hat with a bowling pin logo on it… On Sundays he wore a fedora to church like the one Humphrey Bogart wore in the movies. I seen a picture of me and him all dressed up for Church and we both had a fedora on. It looked like I was 6 or 7 years old…There is no point to any of this except I never wore a hat and I really miss my father. Can you tell?