October 15th, 2010


Rain and wind in the northeast today…I think I’ll take the day off…I remember when I was working I would do that. Take Friday or Monday off. They would be mad at me…They tried to scare me by calling me up to the office. Wow, that use to shake me up….That is until I got really good at what I did. After that it didn’t matter, they could get as mad as they wanted. There was a point when they were afraid to say anything to me. One day before a Thanksgiving I told them I wouldn’t work on anymore holidays. I was done with that…My family was more important than working. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, they said, “They would have to let me go“…. OK, I said, “I’ll do better than that and I said, “I quit” and I started to walk out the door…“Wait”, she exclaimed! Female bosses are not as tough as they are cracked up to be….“Don’t leave“…I just loved the look on her face….Well, I didn’t and didn’t work anymore holidays either…Those days were long gone…I did work all the Holidays at one time or another but there comes a point when you just have to draw the line…I often think about that and the dreaded phone call to come to work when the power goes out around the Holiday season…

Writer's Block: Blog Action Day!

Will you write about the vital importance of clean water to support Blog Action Day? Do you think journaling can help raise awareness and promote a healthier planet?

Actually with the amount of people in this country I’m afraid that its too late for that. The only way would be to physically shut off the water to your street or building and enforce water usage regulations. Its sad but not enough people care. Are the people that sell bottled water buying up water rights in certain states to have a monopoly on future bottled water sales? Its all about the money…You and I could write till we were blue in the face and only feel good momentarily because there will always be the one that would use twice as much because we cut back. There are just too many people in America that don’t care….The way its going now, in the future there will be laws and regulations on how much water you can use….