October 14th, 2010


Glee….OK, give me a break…..Yes, this is a fictional story about high school kids that sing nice…What’s up with all the gay stuff? Not that there is anything wrong with that…. Is high school really that way? There are sad gay issues with young people, yes but do they need to get ratings based on the pain of the kids that suffer these things…The focus of this show should be on the singing not on the troubled kids…We all have to accept growing up and getting old. Its undeniable that the writers on this show are using pain and sexual situations with teenagers to titillate viewers into watching….Two female cheerleaders with uniforms on, in bed kissing is just a little much….

A while ago I mentioned that you could not duplicate the sound of a roaring fighter jet making a low pass over a runway….That is still true but this utube video depicts the feeling of the jet passing over you at about 50 feet…If you like these things you need to check it out……