October 1st, 2010


More heavy rain today and high humidity. Its not as high as summer but its still high. The weird part is, it has not rained in this part of the state…Falls Village 5 inches, Niantic zip but its just muggy enough to run the air conditioner…You know how I feel about that…Yesterday I had an intense craving for Whole belly fried clams. Or as they are sometimes called big belly clams…After meeting with friends, I couldn’t resist, I went over to this great restaurant that specializes in seafood and had a half a pint of those clams with sweet potato fries served dinner style…Wow, it was great…Of coarse I couldn’t have dinner last night but it was worth it…There is something about having a physical with good numbers and keeping it that way….I see all these people walking around with all this weight and my God I don’t know how they live like that….I’ve been talking to some folks lately about life expectancy and overeating and fast food its not good to say the least. Its right along side of smoking and drug use…One thing about fast food though…Do not over order! Like a large this or that. That’s what they want you to do….You don’t need that. That way you don’t have to finish everything like you were taught to do when you were a little kid……Order off the value or dollar menu. Its just enough. You get enough to satisfy yourself and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. During the day you can burn off all that fat and have a nice dinner later that night……. No plans for today except a little shopping…Hang in there guys….