September 27th, 2010

Did you ever see a cat spit?

Your friend and mine, a cat that goes by the name Willie, would not take his pill yesterday morning. After 4 tries and 4 times, literally spiting it out. Did you ever see a cat spit? I got the impression that he was done taking this pill forever and discovered a way not to…It seems like he has a determination just not take this pill. Maybe I’ll give him a reprieve for a while. I have no choice. Later on in the week I’ll try again…Today, this morning I’m going to Clinton to see some friends. I love and look forward to this Monday morning ritual. Sometime this week I’ll stop in the Vet and maybe find an alternative to this pill. I explained what the consequences were to Willie by not taking his pill but it seems like he doesn’t care or just doesn’t understand…I will not give up. I look out this morning and it seems like its going to rain today. Its funny, because yesterday I was angry because of the morons that didn’t show the Giants game on TV…I think greed had something to do with it…They lost and I would have turned off early anyway. Its not going to be a good year for them…Today I feel calm and willing to accept almost anything. Not quite serine but OK. I am trying not to pay attention to all the crazies in this world. I think that is what going on with me…I want this world to slow down but it keeps accelerating to the point where its out of control and it has no choice but to crash…Its crashing all over the place…Now I realize I’m all over the place so I’m done…Later guys…
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