September 20th, 2010

"Rough Patch"

The Giants got hammered last night 38-14. The first half was humiliating. I didn’t watch most of the second half after that exhibition in the begining of the game. I thought we might have something going this year but from what I seen last night it doesn’t look very good….I’ll get over it. I mean what did I expect? Lately I have been going through a, “rough patch“. Why not my team? Join the club. From cats to cars and girlfriends. Throw in Baseball and Football. The only good thing lately has been the blood test results. At least I have my health. I’m just going to lay back and let world go by and recover from people, places and things….This morning its breakfast with real friends but first I’ve got to give Willie his pill. Having said all that, now I’ve got to get ready for the bedbug invasion. What up with that? The news yesterday said New York City was infested with those bugs…..I wonder why? Whats the first thing that comes to mind? Besides me being cynical that is….