September 16th, 2010

"A New Record"

There is a new record for me in the relationship department. First the rose then a nasty note on my windshield under the wiper. To start with, I realized that this woman had a lot of issues and baggage. There were so many warning sings, like we were talking, I don’t remember about what but she referred to Willie as, “ My stupid cat”. There were 3 husbands and last one committed suicide. These are the kinds of things that she couldn’t let go because she doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how…I vowed a long time ago, never try to repair a damaged woman again, especially one that refuses to get help. Worst of all, doesn’t realize she needs help. I mean that. I was going to tell her in person that same thing but only in a nice way but her sickness beat me to it…I really was not surprised. I seen the note there and actually hoped it said what it said. Its like she was in her space but couldn’t see the light of day because all the windows are painted black. Like she is in a comfort zone or what she thinks is a comfort zone and just will not do anything about it. It will be a long tough road back to reality if she is lucky enough to ever find it. I know, I know I seem to pick losers but what can I say…On the surface she seemed OK but it didn’t take me long to make the decision to make a break for it. There were a few signals the first night we were out together. I just let it play out till the end, thank God…

The good news is, the blood work I had the other day paid off and all my numbers were perfect. I asked Tracy what I was doing and she said, "I must be eating right". Wow, that was good news.. Today, this morning I’m off to breakfast with some real friends to share what it was like to mingle with someone from another planet.