September 10th, 2010

"Commercial-less TV"

I am up to episode 16 in the TV series “Glee”. This is a really good show…I don’t know where they get these kids but they really have talent. Rachel Berry is a pleasure to watch and to hear her sing, only one word describes it. Wow. Her range is mind boggling. I can’t wait to hear her when I start a new episode. My new thing is, I don’t watch regular television any more. Only Football games because its in High Definition. I watched The Saints beat Minnesota last night and that’s too bad. I have a web site send me reminders when the shows that I like are on.. Commercial-less TV being my goal. So far its been working… I’ve seen some of my friends on LJ writing about their favorite shows. I like most of those, plus movies. I have downloaded some great Blu-Ray movies. Its really neat to watch all my favorite TV shows right through without someone trying to sell me something or watching commercials geared to corrupt the teen-age mind. I don’t pay a cable company for them to do that. I buy the cheapest cable, it was $15 dollars. The Bastards raised it $18. I only get that because all I need or want is the cable wire in my house. I still do everything possible not to buy what they sell. Yes, Hulu has those pesky teasers but I just mute the computer and lately I have been avoiding them too. I only go there if I can’t find it anywhere else. It also helps if you use a digital TV to watch the these shows. I use one as a monitor. Lately, If I buy anything I only buy what I need and only the brand I want. No substitutes. I will not try other brands. I don’t charge anything. If I need or want something I save for it. If I can’t pay cash I don’t buy it. I do no compulsive spending nor do owe anybody anything. Except for that Nintendo DS XL and I got that dirt cheap because I just happened to be in the right place at right time. They make no interest off me and that is my goal. I don’t allow anyone to make anything off me. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it. That way I have money for the nice things I sometimes buy or have to pay for, like my car, when it broke down. I changed my life style when I moved to the shoreline and it started with the cable TV. I do not miss the old cable service. In fact its much better without it.

Reminder…..No matter what you think or how good they are. Reality shows are not real…

Quote……from the blond girl on Glee…“Did you know Dolphins are just gay Sharks“…

Opinion.....The United States is $13 Trillion dollars in debt and I had no part in doing any of that. None of that is my responsibility and I will not contribute to paying any of that back……..

Comment……In the United States its all about want because no one really needs anything….