September 3rd, 2010

"Go Giants"

As I sit here waiting for the Hurricane to come and go. I was thinking about the New York Giants beating the Patriots again last night. Maybe the Giants are ready to play some real football this year. Then, I allowed myself to glimpse at the news and believe me I did not make any of this up…This is the world we live in. A Judge in Saudi Arabia sentences a man to have his spinal cord severed. This Judge is now looking for a hospital and doctors that will actually do this operation. “What was the crime this man committed“, you ask? I don’t know. That’s not the point. I guess its that “eye for and eye” thing again. Like I said “Middle Ages. A woman in Iran to be stoned to death soon. I don‘t know if she cheated on her husband or just thought about it. Iran, a Muslim country, now has a drone aircraft that carries bombs. I wonder if they mean Nuclear bombs? When I heard that another oil rig in the Gulf blew up yesterday I didn’t care. I changed the radio station. Then I heard that there is Congresswoman from Texas that is upset because Hurricanes are named after white people. I’m not going to touch that one yet. From now on I am going to just try and look the other way. The world is absolutely insane and I didn’t even mention the Discovery channel guy. Not to much on that, he didn’t kill enough people. The guy in court that cut his own throat, bedbugs, chicken eggs, random murder are just things that happen in the United States every day. Hey, I got an idea, lets go bail out Burger King so we can create jobs for more Illegal’s.