September 1st, 2010

"Platitudes and Political Nonsense"

While resting here because of this “Cat” bite. I have been watching lots movies on the Internet (no commercials) or just cleaning my apartment or car. Coffee spills on the front seats…..Doing lots of things around the house. Mostly sitting with my leg up. Now get this, downloading some of my favorite movies on Blu-Ray plus some of the greatest detective stories from English television. The kind you don’t see here in the U.S. I don’t know where I would be without my computer. Plus I mentioned I found this very expensive game player and did find the used Zelda game at a “Game Stop” store. The one was looking for. I haven’t tried it yet because if I do I’ll start and won’t stop. I love these games and I get involved to the point of always trying to find and beat the monster…

Anyway, our president said nothing last night. It was like he was thinking, “If I have to make an appearance, it might as well be about stopping a war that we didn’t belong in, in the first place“. Just another way taking credit for stopping something ugly. He talked a lot about what we have to do and so on and so forth and that’s OK but as usual, no decisions on how they were going to do whatever it was he was talking about. What jobs? There are no Jobs? Where! Fast food? Cutting grass? Picking up trash on the highways, paving roads? According to Bush, those jobs are for the Illegal’s. Is that what he was talking about? No real answers only platitudes and political nonsense and a chance to show off his newly redecorated $200.000 oval office. Talk about a punch in the face. What bad economy? Is that the pot calling the kettle black? OMG, Can I still say that? Not one word about our border issues. Nothing about the Muslims and the Mosque. Nothing about the real feelings of real Americans and what is really happening. Its like we don’t exist. To him, in a sense we don’t. He’s in a bubble. We are like insignificant pests that just happen to be here and they think if they ignore us long enough we will disappear. The truth is! He doesn’t know what to do and he is surrounded by moron advisors who only know what not to do. He’s just another President circling the drain. At least with Bush if you paid his advisors enough they would push George in the right direction and he would do what they asked. Stupid or not. Its all about the money. Everything is equated in dollars and cents. Real feelings and the emotions are gone. If something happens now, its how much is it going to cost? Not, why did it happen? Greed and insensitivity. Who cares, get out of my way. If I’m late its going to cost. Faster, faster, faster …We are exactly where we were before he said anything except this morning there are more flags at half mast…..

In 2007 there was a movie called “Live”, starring Eva Mendez of “Out of Time” fame and a few other name actors. In this movie, 6 game show contestants play Russian roulette by spinning the cylinder of a 357 magnum with one bullet in the chamber. One must kill themselves live on camera by shooting themselves in the head. Its actually a fair movie, of coarse Eva is not only beautiful she’s a great actress. I think she saved the movie. The movie is well done and realistic…Sound interesting? This could be in our future…I’ll bet there would be people waiting in line to be on the show, stay tuned. This is the world we live in…..